Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Dogs just need to dig...

Deprive a dog of a place to dig and what does he do? This one found an oversized planter!

So why do they do that? For some, it's just fun. They're the ones who destroy your flower beds. For others there's a purpose. My old Harry Dog was constantly on the trail of those underground critters. It drove him nuts to see one dive into a hole - and he would dig until all we could see was his back end sticking out. Alas - he never could dig fast enough to catch one.

Some, being of a conservative nature, want to put something away for a rainy day. They're the ones burying bones for later retrieval.

Other dogs, such as my friend's Husky, are hard-wired to create a den for themselves. They want that hole to lay in!

And of course, there are dogs who simply don't want to be contained, so dig a hole under the fence as an escape route.

I have never learned a good way to keep dogs from digging ... so if you have, do share!

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