Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween for Dogs can be Spooky or a Treat

This is Christine Michaels from Blog Sisters writing as guest author at the invitation of my fellow writer Marte. Thanks Marte!

Well Halloween is exactly one week away. This holiday is not just for children anymore. Adults and parents now enthrall in the spirit of masquerades and disguises and bobbing for beer bottles if it's an adults-only party. Even pets are part of the festivities. Just like a new home is full of booby traps for new born babies, the traditions and rituals of Halloween can spell treachery or treat time for pets. Careful planning will ensure the entire family has fun.

Doing some homework is always a good step. The ASPCA offers these 10 Easy Ways to Keep your Pets Safe on Halloween.

Now my little dog, Mon Cherie (a white maltese) has grown up with costumes since she was one year old. One year we even dressed as Thee Little Mermaid and Sebastian the Crab (I was the mermaid and she was the crab with a custom made costume). For Mon Cherie, she knows it's treat time--as in it's a treat for her to go out with mommy. She loves to go anywhere with me --shopping, to work, traveling within Florida--as long as she's with mommy, even it means wearing some dogg'on costume. One year all three of my pets, the dog and two cats were ducklings. The kids loved it! My home is considered "the Halloween best" (yes I live in a condo) because we don't just hand out the good candy (chocolate candy bars, not acorn candy), but we decorate the front entrance and I get dressed up in a costume along with the pets.

It's a great way to nurture neighborship.

If you need ideas for pet costumes, visit Alicia's Blog (my Blog Sister) for some funny and creative costumes.

Have a Safe & Fun Halloween!!!

Christine Michaels for BLOG SISTERS

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Marte said...

Hi Christine, and thanks for the link.

Halloween can be dangerous for our critters - especially black cats! I hope all the dog lovers who are also cat lovers will remember to keep them in and out of harms way - lest some idiot try to steal them to "ride on a broom" with them.

I'm a little bit jealous - where I live we haven't seen a trick or treater or a costume in years... No kids for miles and miles.

But my 80 year old neighbor hangs plastic pumpkins in his trees, and I paint my hair pink in honor of the day...

After Halloween, send us a photo of you and your 4-legged kids in costume!

Thanks again,