Friday, October 17, 2008

Dogs and Cats - Love or Hate?

Do your dogs pick on your cats? Or is it the other way around?

I have a big yellow cat who loves to terrorize my dogs as much as they love to chew on him and pull his hair out all over the living room carpet. When I tell them to "leave it" they go lay down, but then he hides behind a chair and waits until one of them moves so he can jump out on them.

Do they hate each other? No, not at all. I think they're quite fond of each other.

Years ago I had Harry Dog and a cat named Snodgrass. They would wrestle and chase each other - tumbling around just like my dogs do with each other now. Then when they got tired, they'd flop down together for a nap.

I had a "yard sale cookie jar" in a window sill. It had no lid, and it was filled with small dog biscuits. Snodgrass would jump up there and throw down 2 biscuits - one for him and one for Harry - and they'd eat them together. Theirs was a partnership like few humans ever enjoy.

How about your critters? Do your dogs and cats love or hate each other?

By the way, the critters pictured here aren't mine - this is a photo I got in an email and couldn't resist sharing...

Here's to happy furballs,


Lauren said...

I have a 2 year old Westie who wants to be best friends with every cat she sees. The cats are not so sure about her, though. My mini-Aussie puppy is afraid of cats (as he is of most things) although when his mentor (the Westie) goes after that friendship, he reluctantly follows!

Marte said...

Hi Lauren,
Thanks for writing. I don't know why my cat has the upper hand - maybe because he's a really big guy and has no fear of anything.

It always helps when they're there first and can show the puppies who is boss from the get-go.

Can't blame your puppy for being afraid - those claws hurt on the nose!

Thanks for visiting my blog!