Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ever hear of "Bedbug dogs?"

Our local newspaper ran a story this week that proves once again that dogs are "Man's best friend."

It seems that America is experiencing a resurgence of bedbugs. Yeah - those icky little creatures that live in your bedding and come out during the night to bite you!

When I was a kid they were associated with people who didn't bathe - or wash their bedding. Now they're showing up all over the place. In upscale hotels and even in hospitals.

The article didn't say why, but it did say what some people are doing about it. They're hiring "Bedbug dogs" to sniff them out so they can be eradicated.

Just like drug sniffing dogs can alert on a suitcase or a car fender, these highly trained canines can go into a room and find the little insects where they're hiding.

So, to those idiots who starve, abuse, and abandon dogs and then say "It's just a dog," we can once again reply: "Idiot."

Here's to the dogs!

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