Monday, October 20, 2008

Smart dog - relieved humans

Our local newspaper ran a story yesterday that I have to share...

It seems that Abby's family was going on vacation and her usual dog sitter was also going to be away, so her family took her to the home of a relative. While they were out for an evening, Abby decided to go out too - out under a gate and away.

For 15 days her family - and both sets of sitters - searched high and low, driving the streets and the side-streets, calling and hunting. And then, her sitter opened her front door to find Abby sitting on the porch. She said she had to check the ID tags twice because she just couldn't believe that Abby had made the 9 miles, through traffic, to find her house. (Her "real" family lives another 20 o 30 miles farther, so Abby took the smart alternative and went to her sitter first!)

As an animal rescuer, tales of dogs and their human families being reunited always warm my heart.. and that reminds me:

For everyone who has been following the tale of the Iraq soldier who wanted to bring her dog home... Here's more good news.

Hurrah for dogs and the humans who love them!

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