Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flea, tick, & gnat Season is Here again

We've all been anxiously awaiting warm weather - and ignoring the fact that with it we get biting bugs.

I've already used Swat on the horse, and am ordering flea, tick, and gnat control for the dogs. I always choose natural products, because one of my dogs is allergic to products like Revolution.

A couple of summers ago we had a flea problem that came from the deer being heavily infested - since my dogs run around in the same tall grass as those deer, they got fleas. Poor little Pepper was the only one to complain - he started scratching, and scratching. So... off to the vet, who discovered the fleas and used Revolution on all 3 of them. Suzie and Ralph were fine - but Pepper kept right on scratching for over 30 days, until the stuff worked its way out of his system.

So, for my guys its lots of bathing with a citrus based shampoo and repellents such as catnip spray and baking vanilla.

I'll never forget the first time I bought a commercially prepared catnip spray - and used it on myself one evening. Later I came to my desk to get back to work and thought it was strange that my cat was being unusually attentive - and then he bit my ankle!

Right now Fetch Dog is running some attractive specials, such as their Hot Spot Shampoo. Regularly $12, on sale for $4.00

Hot Spot Shampoo is a natural, medicated remedy containing Tea Tree oil to provide fast relief from itching caused by flea allergy dermatitis and pollen allergies, while it soothes, heals and conditions. Relieves “hot spots,” and raw, red, inflamed skin.

Also, because they want your business, they're offering an incentive for becoming a new customer:
$10 off $50+ Orders Use Coupon Code: CPA1008

But they're not the only ones...You can also save money on natural flea and tick repellent at the "Only Natural Pet Store" - with this coupon good through May 30:


Saphire-Dream said...

I use peppermint tea-tree, and essential oil shampoo from Dogosuds it doesn't get rid of fleas or ticks if they already have them, but helps deter them once you get rid of them, it smells good too

Marte said...

Hi, and thanks for taking time to leave your comment.

peppermint tea-tree sounds like it would smell REALLY good...

Catnip works and it's a member of the mint family, so why wouldn't peppermint? And of course tea-tree oil is good for so many things - I think I've read that people use it to get rid of head lice... Smells good to us, but not so much so to the bugs, I guess!

Thanks again for taking the time to comment,