Monday, March 30, 2009

When Rover goes "out" where does he go?

This comes from the "What will they think of next" department...

The new Pet's Eye View Camera is now on the market. After reading about it in the newspaper, I found it on a site called Nerd 7 for $39.95:

This is a camera that attaches to your dog or cat's collar and takes a digital picture at intervals you pre-set.

Now you'll know for sure... is it really your dog who knocks over the neighbor's trash can every night? Does he or she meet up with a buddy and cruise the neighborhood?

Or maybe you want to know what your dog or cat does when you aren't home... Sleeping on the bed against all rules perhaps? Opening the fridge for a look around? Cruising the counter-tops?

Depending upon the quality of the images, I can see lots of other uses for this one. How about for downhill skiers, or mountain climbers - taking in the view from various vantage points? Or how about for fishermen... just turn it on when you're about to reel in a big one.

I don't even want to think about the "evidence" that could be gathered if you wore this as a necklace when you attend an office party...

If you buy one, write me and tell me how the photos turn out... I'd love to know!

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