Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dog trails in the snow...

Today was beautiful - with the sun shining on a couple of inches of new snow. And the dogs loved it.

The old snow is rock hard below, so they can run like the wind over it, stopping now and then to bury their noses in the snow and toss it in the air. And I get a kick out of looking at their tracks and seeing how each dog makes his or her own loop out into the meadow and back again.

When they fly out of the house they all tumble over the hill together, but at the bottom, they fan out, with Ralph heading toward the creek, Pepper taking the middle path, and Suzie making her loop off to the West.

Ralph enjoys staying out the longest - I suppose because he's the one with a thick coat of hair to keep him warm on days like this. When I took this picture it was a roaring 14 degrees out there. Pepper and Suzie had already made their way back into the house.

The weather report says next week will be in the 50's - so this snow will turn to mush and the mud will return to the driveway. Then dog washing season begins, with everyone having at least their legs and tummies washed before they're allowed in to the living room and their favorite spots on couch and chairs.

I'm not fond of mud season - but it does mean Spring is on the way!

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