Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flea & tick season returns - beware chemical treatments!

Here come the bugs - and once again we're being warned about the chemical flea treatments that are so heavily advertised.

It bothers me that veterinarians use these so readily when they know (if they read reports) that those chemicals can cause irreparable harm and even death to some pets. I guess it's OK with them and the pharmaceutical companies if it's only a small percentage... but it's sure not OK with me or with anyone else who loves their dogs and cats.

This year the news is slightly better. According to this article from the Health Freedom Alliance, the EPA is finally looking into it, although they haven't removed any products from the market.

While the SPCA defends the medications by saying most of the 44,000+ instances reported in 2008 were "mild," it appears to be a matter of defining the word "mild." Neurological problems and a shortened life span don't sound mild to me. Plus, in 2008 there were 600 reported deaths directly associated with topical flea treatment. How many went unreported?

Since the number of harmful reactions was considerably higher in 2008 than 2007, it would be interesting to see figures for 2009. Since these products are so heavily advertised, pushed by vets, and very convenient, my guess is that more and more pets are being subjected to them.

Last year I wrote this post about finding a new and better flea prevention.

Later I read about a home remedy you can create in your own kitchen, and posted the recipe.

Then in the fall I learned of a different kind of threat from this medication. Read this chilling story about a dog who became fused to her carrier.

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Blog Sisters said...

Timing is everything. I just paid a visit to the vet and he concurred with my first vet to get my dog Comfortis. But I would like to try a natural treatment. But where does one buy these oils?