Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freckles loves Ralph

Not long ago I wrote you about how Ralph has decided to become Freckles' protector... and she shows her gratitude by crawling all over him. So I thought you'd like to see them together.

Meanwhile, Ralph has now decided that Suzie really isn't going to hurt the baby, so he's stopped interfering when Suzie gets after her. Last night every time the puppy attacked she would bark, then hold her mouth over the puppy's mouth... but she never bit down. Very interesting to watch her behave as if she was the pup's mom.

I'm sure that if they saw each other every day the kid would probably be crawling all over Suzie just like she does Ralph - time will tell.

Meanwhile, when we started into the shop last night and Pepper saw that the pup was there, he turned tail and ran back out. Freckles was, of course, ready to greet him enthusiastically. I finally held her and lured him inside, but then he hid behind a chair to get away from her. When she found him, he sat with a warning look in his eye and teeth barred, but never made a move while she kissed him repeatedly.

These dogs have always been entertaining, but adding a puppy to the mix ramps our laughter scale up a few notches.

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