Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dog Scouts Vie for Badges Too

If your son built campfires at Boy Scouts and your daughter smiled at grocery shoppers with a box of Girl Scout cookies in hand, get ready to send your next child, the four-legged one to Dog Scouts. That's right, "your pooch will vie for merit badges, woof out answers to the den leader and can even go to summer camp", according to an article in the Miami Herald. Now why didn't I have a dog when I was hiking in the woods as a kid to keep me from making a wrong turn?

Here in Southern Florida, Troop 129 of Dog Scouts of America is for small dogs and teaches them agility, manners, scent discrimination, social skills and more. In the land of natural disasters, it can also save your dog's life, and maybe yours too. So if you're a city denizen, get in touch with nature and train your dog at the same time. With repeat visits, your dog will earn a badge to pin on the wall with any family achievement tokens. Scouts Honor.

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Marte said...

That's fascinating - I'd never heard of Dog Scouts of America before, but I'm for it!

Any program that helps keep dogs in homes and out of shelters is very much worth the effort. Plus, this looks like a lot of fun for the dogs and the humans who go to meetings with them.