Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do you donate to animal rescue?

Tonight I was going through some old files looking for a donor appeal letter I wrote some time ago - and I came across this information.

A University of Chicago General Social Survey found that donors who give to charity at least once a year have these characteristics:
  • 15% more likely than non-donors to give directions to a stranger.
  • 17% more likely to give up their place in line
  • 22% more likely to give p a seat on the bus
  • 46% more likely to give food or money to a homeless person
  • 125% more likely to give blood

I'm sure this applies to people who donate to any charity, not just animal charities. But of course I think everyone should donate to animals when they can. (I have a biased opinion.)


Lauren said...

I always make a point to donate to animal rescue and St. Jude's on the holidays. I actually give those people in my family that have everything a donation to their favorite charity. I've asked this year for our gifts to be donations to the local SPCA. It makes everyone feel like their gift is worthwhile!

Marte said...

Good for you!