Saturday, April 30, 2011

Those Amazing Dogs

Did you catch that Newsweek article about dogs - and how they're stealing jobs from humans? Too bad they don't get the respect they deserve for doing what we cannot do - even with sophisticated technology.

For instance, Labradors can detect certain cancers with a 98% accuracy, while technology is correct only 10% of the time.

German Shepherds can detect roadside bombs more accurately than technology - in spite of the $20 billion cost of that technology.

And of course we all know how dogs can find lost people even when they don't want to be found.

Those are the large breeds, but small breeds work hard too. Studies have found that little guys like Jack Russell terriers can sniff out bedbugs with a 95% success rate - which is 3 times better than mere sight detection. They're now being "hired" by professional exterminators.

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Blog Sisters said...

This is wonderful, that the media is finally catching on the super sensory capabilities of dogs. Do you recall which issue it was in Newsweek? I'd really love to get a digital or physical copy! Thanks for sharing this news.
Christine Michaels